My drawings and animations come out of personal experiences with Pap smears, speculums, and sexual encounters wearing knee braces. The content is filtered through my identity as a Queer, white passing cis- woman with mixed race Japanese heritage. I use visual puns and potty humour to discuss sexual health, sex, and consent. A recent body of large scale narrative drawings take inspiration from the Japanese edo period Fart Battle scroll and describe my younger sister’s and my own fluctuating experiences of health connected to irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, and chronic knee injuries. My practice also contains references to botanical illustrations and gardening manuals, considering methods of close looking found in botanical sciences and how it relates to sexual health exams. I use specific horticultural terms as a jumping off point for narratives that ricochet between sex, BDSM, humour, and anxiety.


Born in Nova Scotia, I am a white passing mixed-race Japanese Canadian Queer artist currently based in Ontario, Canada. I received my MFA from Hunter College in 2018 and was the recipient of the Kossak Travel grant which enabled me and my younger sister to travel through Japan. We retraced family roots, looked at art, and ate our way across the country. I have exhibited work in Toronto and New York, as well as recent solo show The Sisters’ Fart Corner at Articule Gallery in Montreal (Nov 2019). Other recent solo exhibitions have been at SPRING/BREAK Art Show and Hercules Gallery in New York. I was selected to be a 2018/2019 Fellow with Queer|Art Mentorship paired with artist Neil Goldberg in New York City, and am currently participating as an invited artist in a Cottage Studio Residency at the Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant in Brantford, Ontario.